Legal areas

To be of the best possible service to our clients, our office is knowledgeable and active in many jurisdictions. But, if it occurs that we are not able to handle your case, we will direct you to an office that does have the specific knowledge to handle your case. Therefore you will always be sure of good and proper legal advice.

Civil Law

Civil law, also known as Private Law or Civil Right deals with conflicts between private people, between private people and an organization and between organizations. We are specialized in civil cases such as:

  • wrongful acts
  • contract law
  • insurance law
  • consumer law

Administrative Law

In administrative law Government decisions are central. If you do not agree with a decision from a governing body, you can contact us and we could object and appeal on your behalf.

Personal Injury Law

Have you been hurt at work or in traffic? Please, contact us immediately. Our lawyers are specialized in handling complex personal injury claims. In these cases legal representation usually is free of charge as the liable party will be obliged to meet the Lawyer’s costs.

Immigrant Law

Immigrant Law is about the admission and residency of immigrants. Our Firm has years of experience within this field and is therefore capable of representing you in all matters within this branch of Law.

Asylum Law

Asylum Law deals with the protection of persecution of refugees by their home country. The Immigration and Naturalization Service determines by law, described by the Asylum Law and several European Treaties, whether or not a refugee is granted asylum. Our firm is specialized in Asylum Law and we can therefore represent you in these matters too.

Criminal Law

KCA Advocaten also specializes in criminal law. Are you a suspect of a criminal offense? Have you been charged with a crime? Please contact us to see how we can help you.

Psychiatric Patient Law

KCA Advocaten represents psychiatric patients when institutionalized. Please contact us if you need information regarding this matter.